Sodek Drum Company is the newest and foremost name in
quality drum manufacturing. Incorporating all of the great
craftsmanship,  from the last Century of drum making and
infusing it with the technology of today. Myself and everyone
here at Sodek Drum are sure you will agree, that we are
producing some of the nicest quality professional drums on
the market. All drums are hand crafted, hand sanded, hand
finished and rubbed to a super high gloss finish and finally
hand assembled. We are a new company with a goal and that
is, to introduce the great quality of Sodek drums to the
drumming  world.  We do hope you take a moment and  tour
our website and see all of the many different model drums
we have to offer.  

Welcome to Sodek Drum Company. We offer high quality drums, drum sets,and
snare drums. With the great American drum manufacturers of the past  ( LUDWIG,
SLINGERLAND, LEEDY, GRETCH  etc..) and the many custom drum builders of
today in mind, I began with the highest quality and the best fundamental tone of
the drum as my focal point.  I put together the line of Sodek Drums we see today.
From start to finish nothin
g is over looked in the building process. Every drum is
made by hand, one at a time and with the highest quality materials available. So if
it's a great drum that you are looking for?  You just found it !